Monthly Preschool Tuition 2020/2021

Monthly Tuition Information

Electronic Fund Withdrawal Form 2019/2020



Scholarship Applications

  • Scholarship Applications for families currently enrolled are available in the preschool office and via the link below ongoing throughout the year. Awards are based on qualifying criteria and the funds available.
  • Scholarship Applications for the new school year are available as soon as a child is officially enrolled, registration paperwork has been submitted and the registration fee has been paid.
  • Completed applications are due to the preschool office sent via mail no later than May 29th, prior to the new enrollment year. All applicants will be notified of their scholarship status by June 26th.
  • Scholarship applications received after the May 29th initial period will still be processed and considered.
  • All awards will be subject to qualifying criteria and funds available.
Scholarship Application